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standard compliant code

I'm a big fan of valid xhtml/css/div/table-free design. I'm just not great at it. So when I opened up some phpbb templates and poked around I wanted to cry.

Creating a standards-compliant phpbb theme is sadly beyond my capabilities, so I am looking for help.

I'd like a dark, gritty, industrial feel to it.

I'd also really like the templates to be fully xhtml/css compliant, but that can be split into two tasks. One task is developing the artwork, which can simply be putting together a sliced psd file, and the other is making the templates. If you have artistic skills, or xhtml/css skills, I can use your help either way.

Here are a couple examples of themes I like to give you an idea. The top example is probably the best, and the theme I normally use is Zarron's Charcoal3Steel.

design - http://osc.template-help.com/forum_12926/
Charcoal3Steel - http://zarron.com/
side tabs - http://osc.template-help.com/forum_12882/
dance - http://osc.template-help.com/forum_11934/
Ambience - http://www.extremepixels.net/phpbb/index.php?s=35
Tren_z - http://www.extremepixels.net/phpbb/index.php?s=58
mechanical_creator - http://osc2.template-help.com:8081/forum_13468/

I like how some of these break up the layout with some white space, move the navigation tabs to the left, and utilize non-standard lines to break up the usual boxy layout of phpbb. Sometimes it is just the same blocky layout, but the graphics have nifty tabs and curves to dress it up.

The artist who helps me would obviously still own the work and would decide distribution rights of it as they wish.

Thanks for your time!
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