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Need help with character entities

Hi every!
First: forgive me if I write something wrong, but my English is what it is (that is bad).
Second: I hope you can help me, but, whatever, I want to thanks you. :)

I'm studying XHTML, using the W3C validator. I use Dreamweaver MX as editor, but it cannot help me with the little problem I have.

I must write the apostrophe, but the editor proposes only these choices: test.

Given that the first is the acute accent, and the second and the third are for quotations, have I to resolve that I have to mean "prime" as the correct one for the apostrophe? Or rather there is another character entity for the apostrophe?

I checked a page with the validator, and it told me:
Your best bet is to replace the character with the nearest equivalent ASCII character, or to use an appropriate character entity.
In the list of character entities, there is:

&39; Apostrophe

... But I don't understand how I must use this info. If I write &39; in the code, it doesn't work. Given that I'm a dummy, I rely on your clemency.
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