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share your educational experiences

i'm planning on writing an article on the state of education in the field of web design. i'd like for anyone who has gone through any sort of training at a post-secondary level (any college, university, or vocational/tech school) and who has 5-10 minutes to spare to share your experiences. i'd like to particular focus on how these institutions teach (or fail to teach) web standards, accessability, usability, etc.

my personal experience so far has been with a 2 year program at a community college. the program would have produced great web designers in 1997, but in 2005 it's seriously lacking. we were taught to do everything the quick and dirty way, letting software do our work for us, hardly ever looking at the actual source code. the only time css came up is in sections dealing with 4.0 era "DHTML", none of it using even remotely valid code. accessability and usability were given lip service in some of the text books, but never given any real in depth discussion and rarely even defined for the students. (ok, there was one class where "don't make me think" was listed as a reccomended read but not required for the class.) so i've got a CIW Master Site Designer certification and an associates of applied science in web design, but i honestly feel like i could have taught myself much more if i'd spent less time doing school work and more time taking advantage of the wealth of free resources online (which is what i've always done before).j

now i'm enrolled in a university that offers a BA (or maybe it's a BS, i'm not sure) in web design. the dept head is a major accessability and usability proponent. from talking to him, i'm very ecited about the possabilities, but at the same time i'm so disappointed with my previous experienes that i'm hesitant to get my hopes up.

so i'd like to write an article that can hopefully help future web design students find a program that will actually prepare them for the real world and this millenium. i'd also like to exercise some of my own deamons by hopefully findout out i'm not alone in feeling disinfranchised with the quality of education in this field that i've been able to find. i'd also love to find out that there ARE some people out there who have had great experiences in great programs that teach web design the "right" way.

so let me know what it's been like for you. even if you dropped out after one semester. even if you've only had one class, or if your degree doesn't or won't have the word "web" anywhere on it; like you're in a graphic design program or a digital media program and adapting the broader education you're getting to the web through supplimental material.

good stories, horror stories, mediocre stories, name names or don't (i really hope those of you with good experiences will name names so i can follow up with these institutions). you can post your experiences as a reply to this post or email me at dap6000 at hotmail dot com.

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